Everything You Need to Know About the F-35i Fighter Jet

Today, the IDF opened a new F-35i fighter jet squadron. Here’s a bit about just how mighty this fighter jet is:
For more from the IDF:


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Brief History of: Able Archer 83 Feat: The Cynical Historian

The Cynical Historians video: https://youtu.be/mVIFmAae_8w

We have danced on the edge of nuclear war several times since with first atomic bomb being dropped on hiroshima in 1945.

This was mainly due to the cold war where sabre rattling and open hatred between the east and west was as normal as getting drunk in a pub. Because of this the world has almost turned into a glowing ball of radiation several times, in this episode of a brief history of we will be looking at Able archer 83 where a military exercise based around west germany nearly ended up in nuclear holocaust.

Abel archer is only one in a long list of fallout-esqe near misses and because of this today’s video has been made in conjunction with the Cynical Historian who has looked into the worlds comedy of nuclear errors.

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Yemen Able To Hit Enemy's Vital Targets Ft Kevin Barrett on PressTV

Kevin Barrett is an Author, Activist and independent Journalist who contributes to Crescent International. 09-19-2019


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