Accepting Payments on Wix – Tutorial – Wix My Website

Weekly Wix Tips- Adding payment types to your Wix website is extremely vital. If you have a product, you want to be able to use …


Update address in your Aadhaar from your mobile

Updating address in Aadhaar is easier than you think. In your mobile phone’s web browser, enter and click on 『Online Address Update』.


Not able to access a particular website :Issue fixed

It happens more often than not that I am not able to access some websites while their server is working and other people can access it just fine.
I decided to do a video on steps that possibly and most likely can fix the issue that prevents your access to websites.
If your Internet is working fine, you have made sure that website is up but you are not able to access it, here is the fix for the issue.

Trick 1: FlushDNS
Trick 2: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies
Trick 3 : Delete Temporary files from PC
Trick 4: Change DNS address