Battle 4 Syria|Feb 6 #HTS sniper was able to destroy a Syrian Army Golan rocket on W. #Aleppo front

#HTS sniper was able to destroy a Golan rocket (Syrian Army#SAA4th Division artillery) on W. #Aleppo front

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Thunder Show: Death from above

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In this episode:

• Doubling the stakes
• Death from above
• Accurate miss
• MGs are overrated
• Mobile artillery

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NKR – Reportage About Helicopter Crash

Military clashes in Nagorno Karabakh April, 2016. Reportage from the frontline. (Translated and subtitled in English)
Nareg was in the hospital when our team was at their post. You can see Nareg in our next reportage:

copyright: Bars Media
cameras: Vardan Hovhannisyan, Ruben Ghazaryan and Khachatur Chobanyan


Clash of Clans – Greek Edition – Review μεσω πολεμου #2 (Hellas Ability)

Πολεμος με την Hellas Ability!
Τα λογια για αυτην την ομάδα πιστευω οτι είναι περιττά…
Οποίος θέλει να βλέπει πιο συχνα την δουλειά της ομαδας ας κάνει ενα sub στο καναλι που διαθετει


Everything You Need to Know About the F-35i Fighter Jet

Today, the IDF opened a new F-35i fighter jet squadron. Here’s a bit about just how mighty this fighter jet is:
For more from the IDF: