The Hobbit (2013) – Battle of the five Armies – Part 1 – Only Action [4K] (Directors Cut)

And now for the big battles. Movie info: Credits goes to: Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros, New Line Cinema. Monetized …


Things Americans Find Annoying About The UK

After living in the UK for over 7 years, it’s time to talk about the most ANNOYING parts. After a proper whinge I’ll be granted my citizenship. You be the judge
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If you’re new to my channel and videos, hi! I’m Evan Edinger, and I make weekly 「comedy」 videos every Sunday evening. As an American living in London I love noticing the funny differences between the cultures and one of my most popular video series is my British VS American one. I’m also known for making terrible puns so sorry in advance. Hope to see you around, and I’ll see you next Sunday! 🙂

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LoL Math – Ezreal: Ability Power vs. Attack Damage

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Today we analyze the effectiveness of building Ability Power and Attack Damage on Ezreal, and which can be more beneficial.


NEW ABILITY!!! Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 "BEST RUX VISIT EVER!"

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Welcome to another Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 video. Today we are heading down to see rux and he has some awesome things to sell

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Let’s Talk About THICC Laptops

The Aorus 17 is the best gaming laptop they make but are thick laptops really worth it nowadays??

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