The worlds most 'death-able' city

As part of Melbourne Knowledge Week 2019, Portable facilitated an interactive community workshop to unpack the meaning of a ‘good death’ and co-design the city’s deathly future.

Participants got down with the ghouls, ghosts, rituals and experiences of death, co-created the ideal space and place for healthy dying, and explored how we might improve Melbourne’s death-ability score and become renowned as the perfect place for a gentle departure.

Melbourne has long been ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities, but faced with an ageing population and increased rates of mortality, can Melbourne also become the world’s most death-able city?


Portable is a digital design and technology company proudly born in Melbourne, Australia. For over a decade, Portable has been at the forefront of design and technology, working with governments and for-purpose organisations to drive change.

We believe that technology and design can be used to make real impact on the biggest challenges facing society today. Our obsessions include thinking about how government workers hack the bureaucracy to get stuff done, how vulnerable people can better access justice, what office life of the future looks like, why infrastructure needs design thinking, and how the experience of death and ageing can be a little less horrible.


Hideo Kojima Whines About Death Stranding's Mixed Reactions

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