How Were Jonah and the Brother of Jared Able to Find Comfort? (Knowhy #526)

Ether 3 contains the prayer of the Brother of Jared in which he asks the Lord to help him provide light inside their barges so that his people will not have to cross the oceans in darkness. The first verse of this prayer is remarkably similar to Jonah 2, and this verse may have been modeled after the Psalm contained in the chapter.

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How Old Are Champions According to the Lore?

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Champion Sizes According to Lore

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These furry fursuits are just so crazy they simply shouldn’t exist… but they do!!

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I was able TO SEE my FUTURE

Hey guys! Today Melanie want to tell you a strange story.
「I still can’t really get it. The thing is, I somehow saw my future.
I don’t really believe in mysticism. To be exact, I can admit something inexplicable exists in this world. For example, some people with extra-powers. But I myself have never seen anything of this kind. And judging by the words of my family and some friends of mine, for the most part, this paranormal activity is acted out by a typical juggler. Of course, I’ve never seen myself as a hypersensitive person.
On the contrary, I am so average that nothing even like coincidences ever happens to me. Some friends of mine dream from time to time to pull out the «lucky» ticket at the exam. Or maybe meet some person. And then… click! It happens in reality. As for me, if I ever dream about anything, then 100% it will NOT come true. Even the signs and the superstitions do not work with me. At all.
I graduated from high school, and went to college. I wanted to be an architect. 5 years of constant grinding in high school, miles of drawn flipcharts for projects…. And here I am – my first customer with a coupla millions project, and I’m just a college graduate, with no experience. I took over this project to build a shopping center and meantime I happily answered 「Yes」 to my future husband.
We bought a house. I worked like a dog for a construction company. Meanwhile, I was dreaming of getting a grant to work abroad. My husband has his own business. It’s something about electricity, I’m not sure what exactly. We have two daughters now. My husband asks me to think about a third kid. But I understand that two of them is my personal limit. We fight a lot, mostly because I spend great part of my time at work or with my daughters. And he doesn’t get much attention from me.
When our girls were 10 and 8 years old, we finally divorced. He found himself a young and easy-going student. We had to split up the house. So, my daughters and I had a great chance to move to another place, I’ve always been dreaming of. Actually, I wanted an apartment in the capital, in a cool new building. That’s not a bad option, though it’s not a suburb. My girls are wonderful and very creative. Everything’s gonna be alright.
Yeah, recently my younger daughter gave birth to a charming boy. But she swore too long that now she would have to suspend her career. She’s a singer. Not an average one. She’s very popular. I hear her songs from everywhere. Sometimes I sing them too. Mostly, they are about love. My older daughter has already three kids. She has become a first-class fashion-designer. But she likes more to stay at home with her kids messing around. She made herself a garden. I personally drew its project, to fit in everything」.