Positive Morning Music – 528Hz Angelic Wake Up Music Above Norway – The Best Morning Music Ever

Good Morning dear friends, We welcome you to our Home Country Norway🙏😍🌞 Music is tuned to 528Hz Frequency. The 528 Hz frequency has been linked to the center of vibrations linked to the heart on the spiritual essence. This strengthens our reality. Everything is constantly vibrating including what is perceived by our limited senses

The vibrations made from the 528Hz resonate and connect with all the humanly things around all of us on a spiritual and material level. The 528 Hz can be described as a surpassing or superb example of something which can be called a marvel or a wonder.

It can also be said to be an extraordinary happening, surpassing all human knowledge, powers, and natural forces; it can be referenced to a supernatural or divine cause like God. In the ancient world, the healers and priests from the very advanced civilizations used the 528Hz to bless, heal, and manifest miracles.


Welcome To AuraRelaxLibrary. The purpose and responsibility of this channel is delivering content that raises vibration and helps our community grow and heal with the amazing healing properties of solfeggio frequencies, affirmations, and binaural beats.

Our content is made for healing, meditation, positive energy, yoga, relaxation, sleep, and much more. We hope you find something that resonates with you.

We are all one. Thank you for being here.
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Solfeggio Frequencies





WHAT is Meditation, How Meditation Can Change Your Life Forever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frkLWCZd14Y

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Why you Shud Listening to Meditation Music Regularly?  

Meditation should be a regular and continuous part of life. When you spend time on the still meditation states, it offer you a profound healing effect. Meditation music restores your system, leaving you in a balanced state and with a positive outlook on life.

Meditation has been proved to be the antidote in stressful situations, especially those from bad energy. Meditating releases muscle tension, it lowers respiration and the blood pressure, minimizes the stress hormones, and also regulates fight-flight reactivity.

With minimized levels of stress hormones, meditation leaves you with a general view of life. When coming up with a planner, don’t forget to include a daily meditation routine.


AuraRelaxLibrary Is a group of friends that got together to create something beautiful.

We are passionate about the meditation & healing community.
Our channel aims to provide high quality and genuine content that was created for the specific purpose of healing and meditation.

Thank you for being a part of our Community!



Will Downing – Ready Willing & Able (Join 24 Soul)

New Soul On 24!


Kirby's Return to Dream Land *True Arena* No abilities + Kirby Master video

Kirby, No powers, True arena.
If you wanna see my thoughts and reactions I had when facing Galacta Knight live: [Edit 6/23/2016]

*EDIT* Thanks for 10,000 Views! You guys rock! =D
*EDIT 8/22/2012* 100,000 Views?!?! THANKS GUYS!!!! (That’s almost 10x more than my 2nd most watched video…)


Willis Earl Beal – "Able To Wait"

From the album ‘Noctunes’ (2015) • Pay what you want http://tndr.lv/willisbeal

Don’t need no self help guide
Just to keep me in line
Don’t need to rush the tide
Cause I’ll be just fine

The winds they softly blow
Upon my brow
And I don’t need to know
Any more than I do now
Cause I’m able to wait
Cause I’m able to wait

My aggravations from the gnat-like faces
With their scholars education
And their hands full of aces
They say you better move
Or you’re gonna miss your chance
It’s the last song of the party
So you had better dance

But I just stand to the side
My song already played
The melody still with me
So why should I be dismayed
Cause I’m able to wait
Cause I’m able to wait
Cause I’m able to wait
Cause I’m able to wait

Willis Earl Beal has yet to be born. Critics and publicists defined him before he’d had a chance to define himself. Their expectations were inextricably linked with race and gender, two concepts Beal thoroughly rejects. Now, two extremely productive years removed from the spotlight, Beal doesn’t feel pressure to define himself against anything. His new music is shockingly original, utterly confident, and as ephemeral as Beal himself. He levitates above definition, concerned only with self-discovery and truth-seeking. “I know it sounds falsely altruistic,” he says. “But I think a simple voice like mine can serve as an example of some kind of freedom.”

iTunes: http://tndr.lv/1UEFTAW
Spotify: http://tndr.lv/1NgbwjB
Rdio: http://tndr.lv/1PZnPju
Amazon: http://tndr.lv/1hUf2nS
Google: http://tndr.lv/1KZkzFD
Facebook: http://tndr.lv/1UzemGc