What you need to know about stalkerware | Eva Galperin

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「Full access to a person’s phone is the next best thing to full access to a person’s mind,」 says cybersecurity expert Eva Galperin. In an urgent talk, she describes the emerging danger of stalkerware — software designed to spy on someone by gaining access to their devices without their knowledge — and calls on antivirus companies to recognize these programs as malicious in order to discourage abusers and protect victims.

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Should programmers be able to build applications from memory?

In 「Should programmers be able to build applications from memory?」 I answer a question.

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Able To Check By Will Rogers | Business Motivation | Business Tips

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Scalex CEO Chad Burmeister: I'd be shocked if he is able to raise $500k on $30m Pre with $2m in ARR

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2:27 Year founded
7:52 Capital raised to date
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5:40 Revenue in 2018

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