"Take out your AirPods immediately. Soon you won't be able to" | Creepy Pasta Storytime

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How to Donate to Firefighters and Relief for the Australian Fires

What’s My Favorite Creepy Pasta?

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Should 16 Year Olds be Able to Vote? (PODCAST GONE WRONG!)

Welcome to the Working Progress podcast, a podcast brought to you by two University of Sussex students who debate and unwrap one controversial question from both sides each episode and you the audience decide who is right or who is wrong!

In this podcast we debate whether or not 16 year olds be able to vote! This is a very topical debate at the time of recording as it is a few weeks before the BIGGEST general election in years. It gets heated and Joseph and George just can’t agree on anything, have your say on who won at our Instagram page! The camera unfortunately cuts off around 20 minutes in that’s why the podcast went wrong!

Special guest: Kris

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Above Manchester

Over 200GB of data and 20,000 still images, taken from the roofs and building sites of Manchester to offer a unique view of this great northern city. Stay tuned for Above Bristol coming soon
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Please do not attempt anything you see in this video.

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HAIR RAISING Facts About Airplanes

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats and fasten your seatbelts, because on today’s video you’re about to learn a whole of fascinating facts about airplanes, what the purpose is of some of those bits and bobs, and what you should do and most certainly should not do whilst on board!

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10 – Lights Out
You’ll notice when you fly, the cabin crew let you know that they’re about to dim the lights and the reason they do this is so that your eyes will adjust to the darkness. In the unlikely event that you will need to evacuate the plane at night time, your eyes will already be used to the darkness outside. Same goes for when you are asked to raise your window blind during the day when landing, so your eyes are acclimatized to the bright lights.

9 – Chicken or beef?
Airline food has a bit of a bad reputation, but it really isn’t the foods fault. It more than likely tasted great just before it went on board. According to research, it’s the environment that heavily influences the taste of the food. Noise levels of roughly 85-decibels change the way we taste food. Sweet flavors weren’t as sweet and salty foods tasted much saltier. And to add to that, the recycled air in the cabin is said to deaden your taste buds.

8 – This Way Up
There are great blogs written by people behind the scenes of your airplane journey, like things the airline doesn’t tell you, and what the airhostess really thinks of you and here’s something written by a baggage handler. Don’t waste your time putting a This Side Up or Fragile sticker on your luggage, because it makes no difference. The stuff has to fit into a small space, and they’ll make that happen any way possible. However, pop a “I heart baggage handlers” on your bag and you might have better luck!

7 – Limited Supply
It’s great that airplanes have emergency air supplies, but what’s not so great is how little they actually last! In case of an emergency, you’re very aware that your oxygen mask will drop from the ceiling, and you need to attach yours first before helping anyone else. However, do it quickly – because apparently those masks only last 15-minutes!

6 – Not taking any chances
Take note next time you’re busy finding your seat, and see if you can spot a row 13 or 17. Chances are you won’t find them. A number of flyers are superstitious, and refused to sit in those rows. Although, recently – you’ll find a row 13 on British Airways A320.

5 – Cabin is ready for take-off
That announcement will mean nothing to the departed who are more than likely on board the flight with you. Firstly, there is the odd occasion where a passenger literally dies whilst on board the flight. Crew are trained to deal with this, and have even resorted to covering the body up and strapping them in… creepy, right? Singapore Airlines have special corpse cupboards, where they store the bodies. These can also be used when transporting a body to another city or country for burial.

4 – Paint the sky
It’s a thing of beauty to see the white lines that often trail behind an aircraft, and it’s really just trails of condensation. Their real name is contrails, and it’s caused from the plane engines releasing water vapour during the combustion process. The hot vapour is released from the exhaust, makes contact with the colder air and turns it into those fluffy white lines you see gracing the skyline.

3 – Age is but a number
Perhaps, but would you feel safe flying in an ancient airplane? Did you know that some planes are exceptionally old, but you may not realize it because they’ve had a pretty decent paint job. If you’re keen to see the age of the plane you’re flying in, take note of the registration and look it up on Planespotter.net. There you will find the exact age of the exact aircraft you’re flying in… I think I’d rather not know!

2 – Handle with care
We’re led to believe that flight recorders are indestructible, and although they will survive most crashes – they can get ruined. Severe impact or a jet fuel fire can totally destroy it, making the little black box null and void.

1 – Special Treatment
You have to respect cabin crew as they really deal with all sorts of people onboard their flight – and it must take a lot of tongue biting to not talk back to some difficult flyers. Turns out flight attendants always know who will be boarding that plane. They know the frequent flyers, the friends of the pilot and the important folk… hence why you’ll find some unsavory patrons being treated exceptionally well.