The Buggiest Ability In Overwatch History – Roadhog's Hook

When it comes to patching bugs in Overwatch, Roadhog’s Chain Hook is perhaps the poster child of buggy abilities. This ability has a long history of being a nightmare for Overwatch Developers as they frequently found themselves over the years working on a fix to a new unintended interaction or bug that was discovered by the player base.

In today’s video, we take a deep dive into the history of Roadhog’s Chain Hook and Blizzard’s struggle to put an end to what felt like an endless stream of bugs.

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Will i be able to survive the natural disasters?

Will i be able to survive the natural disasters?

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The Real Truth About Prince Harry Has Finally Become Clear

Since marrying Meghan Markle, Prince Harry has continually been in the spotlight. But fans of the royal family have always been fascinated by Prince William’s younger brother, who’s often been seen as a bad boy.

Despite Prince Harry’s strong resemblance to Prince Charles, rumors that Charles isn’t Harry’s real father continue to swirl. In fact, some conspiracy theorists believe that Princess Diana’s former lover, James Hewitt, is actually the real baby daddy. The so-called smoking gun? Harry has red hair just like Hewitt.

According to the Daily Mail, however, Princess Diana’s bodyguard claimed in a memoir that it’s impossible for James Hewitt to be Prince Harry’s father as Prince Henry of Wales was born on September 15th, 1984. Meanwhile, Princess Diana didn’t begin her infamous fling with Hewitt until the summer of 1986. Keep watching for Prince Harry’s many highs and lows over the years.

#PrinceHarry #RoyalFamily

Is Prince Charles the father? | 0:16
Harry never dated Pippa | 1:06
Prince Harry’s former flames | 2:03
What happens in Vegas | 3:05
A stint in rehab? | 4:18
Worst outfit ever | 5:22
An army career | 6:03
He takes after his mother | 6:58
Banned from his local pub? | 7:49
Not your usual glass | 8:39
Harry vs. the paparazzi | 9:37


Austin & Ally | Think About You Song | Official Disney Channel UK

From the episode Partners and PArachute, Austin performs for Ally this song all about their relationship and how he feels. Will it make things better between the pair?

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