Answering your Questions about 5G…

Thanks to T-Mobile for partnering with me on this video! We’re backtesting 5G signals, this time putting T-Mobile’s new nationwide 5G coverage against the competition. Learn more about T-Mobile’s 5G here:

5G capable device required; coverage not available in some areas. Downlink only. Some users may require certain plans or features; see

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10 Halo CE PC Flight Issues! 343 Industries Able to Fix Before Halo CE PC Release Date? Halo News!

10 Halo CE PC Flight Issues! 343 Industries Able to Fix Before Halo CE PC Release Date? Halo News! Halo CE PC gameplay has been great though this Halo Insider Fight Halo CE Anniversary hasn’t come with it’s issues. This Halo CE Anniversary PC Gameplay plays super well. Halo MCC Flight Program is super important for Halo CE PC gamplay to be the best it can within the time they have.


Halo Support Site:

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The Real Truth About Baaghi 3 & Why It Will Still Break Box Office Records

#TigerShroff is pitching himself as an action hero with #Baaghi3 and has no intention to do character roles, he knows himself and more power to him to show off his strengths rather than present himself in a vulnerable state, trying to do roles where his lack of acting range will be exposed! REVIEW MEIN HUM MATALB KUCH BHI MOMENTS BANAYENGE YE TOH CERTAIN HAI, but one more thing that is a certainty is that Tiger and the producers will be cashing in huge numbers despite that!

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Geeking Out On Woodworking Shop Tools | Everything about Jaime’s table saws past and present

For builder Jaime Perkins, woodworking is a passion and a way of life. He also knows more about woodworking tools than Bob Vila! In this series of videos he will explore the stories, tech, features, and history of how he got to the current set-up of various tools in his amazing wood shop. On this episode about the table saw, Jaime goes into detail about his first table saw, a Craftsman Contractor Saw and the modifications he made to it over the years. Also, there is a very in depth review of his current table saw, the Delta Unisaw! Jaime shows the features and explains why he selected this particular machine. If you are into building, woodworking, and tools you will enjoy this deeper look into the progression of “the shop.”


Able Baker Brewing Company Las Vegas Atomic Duck IPA – Beer Review – Weezer Island in the Sun Cover

Able Baker Brewing:

Able Baker Brewing


Guitar Cover – Weezer – Island in the Sun


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