Group Therapy 375 with Above & Beyond and Dylhen

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– Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – Bittersweet & Blue [Above & Beyond Club Mix] (Anjunabeats) (00:00:30)
– Bryn Liedl – Avalon (Euphonic) (00:05:34)
– Gabriel & Dresden feat. Centre – Remember [Genix Remix] (Anjunabeats) (00:10:08)
– RECORD OF THE WEEK: Elysian – Moonchild (Anjunabeats) (00:14:48)
– Seven Lions & HALIENE – What’s Done Is Done (Ophelia) (00:20:00)
– Tinlicker feat. Belle Doron – Close Your Eyes [Grum Remix] (Anjunabeats) (00:25:14)
– Waveluxe – Right Here (Positronic) (00:29:35)
– Movement Machina – It Changes Everything (Statement) (00:33:27)
– Jessie Ware – Spotlight [Icarus Remix] (Virgin EMI) (00:39:03)
– Dusky – Metropolis (Running Back) (00:44:20)
– Spencer Brown & Liam Hathaway – LA ID (Anjunabeats) (00:47:42)
– Matt Fax feat. RBBTS – Set Your Sails (Colorize) (00:52:53)
– Spark & Shade – The Void (High Contrast) (00:58:06)
– PUSH THE BUTTON: Sunny Lax – Mother (Anjunabeats) (01:01:41)
– Qrion – B4 Montreal [TSHA Remix] (Anjunadeep) (01:07:33)
– Co.Fi – Down n’ Around (Elliptical Sun Recordings) (01:11:53)
– Kristian Nairn & Andretta – Arrow (FSOE Progressive) (01:14:27)
– Adam K & Seelo – Lucid (Enhanced Progressive) (01:19:37)
– FLASHBACK: Seven Lions & Jason Ross feat. Paul Meany – Higher Love [Spencer Brown Remix] (Anjunabeats) (01:23:44)
– GUEST MIX: DYLHEN: Rinzen – Siren Song (Yoshitoshi) (01:29:47)
– GUEST MIX: DYLHEN: Stan Kolev, D-Nox & Beckers – Pratigi (Outta Limits) (01:34:55)
– GUEST MIX: DYLHEN: ID – ID (White) (01:40:19)
– GUEST MIX: DYLHEN: ID – ID (White) (01:44:00)
– GUEST MIX: DYLHEN: Dylhen – Phantom (UV) (01:48:36)
– GUEST MIX: DYLHEN: Paul Thomas & Dylhen – Unite (UV) (01:53:50)


Group Therapy 374 with Above & Beyond and TSHA

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– Spencer Brown & Marsh – Pursuance (Anjunabeats) (00:00:31)
– Matt Fax feat. RBBTS – Set Your Sails (Colorize) (00:05:40)
– Cornelius SA – Diamonds (Armada) (00:10:49)
– RECORD OF THE WEEK: Sunny Lax – Mother (Anjunabeats) (00:15:31)
– Cosmic Gate – Your Mind (Wake Your Mind) (00:22:05)
– Gabriel & Dresden feat. Centre – Remember [Genix Remix] (Anjunabeats) (00:27:05)
– Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – Bittersweet & Blue [Above & Beyond Club Mix] (Anjunabeats) (00:31:01)
– Seven Lions & HALIENE – What’s Done Is Done (Ophelia) (00:36:04)
– Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – Sahara Love [Acoustic] (Anjunabeats) (00:40:23)
– Movement Machina – It Changes Everything (Statement) (00:45:20)
– Lustral – Everytime [Sultan & Shepard Remix] (Armada) (00:48:55)
– PUSH THE BUTTON: Jody Wisternoff & James Grant feat. Jinadu – Blue Space (Anjunadeep) (00:53:51)
– Ben Böhmer – In Memoriam [Tim Green Remix] (Anjunadeep) (00:58:47)
– PRAANA – I Am (Colorize) (01:02:39)
– Sultan & Shepard – Kochi (This Never Happened) (01:08:29)
– Dusky – Metropolis (Running Back) (01:14:02)
– Above & Beyond – Home [Boxer & Amy Wiles Remix] (Anjunabeats) (01:17:54)
– FLASHBACK: Alex O’Rion & Rolando Vallice – Eva (Mango Alley) (01:23:02)
– GUEST MIX: TSHA: Willaris K – 5 O’Clock [TSHA Remix] (Astralwerks) (01:29:26)
– GUEST MIX: TSHA: Yotto – Hyperlude [Dosem Edit] (Anjunadeep) (01:33:26)
– GUEST MIX: TSHA: Throwing Snow – The Righteous Mind [TSHA Remix] (Houndstooth) (01:35:47)
– GUEST MIX: TSHA: TSHA – Moon [Brame and Hamo Remix] (Counter) (01:39:52)
– GUEST MIX: TSHA: Hot Chip – Hungry Child [Popof Remix] (Domino) (01:42:55)
– GUEST MIX: TSHA: Franky Wah – Time After Time [Elliot Adamson Remix] (Ministry of Sound) (01:48:15)
– GUEST MIX: TSHA: Qrion – B4 Montreal [TSHA Remix] (Anjunadeep) (01:52:16)
– GUEST MIX: TSHA: Tibasko – Vertigo (Another Rhythm) (01:56:09)


Saagar Enjeti: Media, Dem elites don't care about workers, here are their stories

Saagar Enjeti talks about the devastation being felt by thousands of American workers losing their jobs.

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SHOCK: Joe Biden & Obama Say His VP MUST Be Able To Take Over In Case He Collapses!

SHOCK: Joe Biden & Obama Say His VP MUST Be Able To Take Over In Case He Collapses!

#JoeBiden #Biden #BarackObama #Obama #VP #VicePresident

Biden has talked with Obama about possible vice presidential pick
Biden told Georgia donors his nominee would have to be prepared to step into the top job immediately.Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden said Sunday that he has talked with former President Barack Obama about a potential vice presidential pick.

Speaking to over 70 Georgia donors on a fundraising call, Biden said he and Obama recently agreed that his vice presidential nominee must have the political experience to step in as president if he were unable to serve.

「The most important thing — and I’ve actually talked to Barack about this — the most important thing is that there has to be someone who, the day after they’re picked, is prepared to be president of the United States of America if something happened,」 Biden said.Without mentioning names, Biden told donors his team is considering at least seven women. The vetting process, which a campaign official described to NBC News as 「vigorous,」 will begin in a 「matter of weeks,」 he said.

During a CNN debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders last week, Biden said he planned to select a woman as his vice presidential candidate should be become the Democratic nominee.

「They have to be prepared,」 Biden said. 「Once I pick someone, God willing, if I’m the nominee, that there’s not going to be any snafu.」

Biden has said repeatedly that he would prefer to pick a woman as his vice president, but he disclosed only recently that he is taking his age — he is 77 — into consideration as he makes his choice.

「I have to pick someone if, God forbid, tomorrow, if I contracted what my son had or something like that, that the person is ready on day one to be president of the United States,」 Biden said in February at a CNN town hall in Manchester, New Hampshire.

He then added, 「But the second criteria is I would very much like my administration to look like the country, like Barack and our administration looked like.」

Obama has said he will not endorse during the Democratic primary, but Biden has said the two have spoken regularly during the campaign, with Obama as an informal adviser. Obama has also advised other former Democratic presidential candidates.

Biden has said he would like to have the kind of respectful and trust-filled relationship with his running mate that he and Obama enjoyed, calling it 「simpatico.」

Among the women Biden has mentioned as potential vice presidential picks are former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Kamala Harris of California, the latter three once candidates themselves for the presidential nomination.

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, whom Biden has mentioned as a possibility, was on the donor call Sunday, and he described her as 「incredible person.」

Biden also told the donors he did not think the general election should be postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

「We voted in the middle of a Civil War,」 he said. 「We voted in the middle of World War I and II. And so the idea of postponing the electoral process is just, seems to me, out of the question.」

Sunday’s fundraiser had originally been scheduled to take place in Atlanta, but all of Biden’s in-person events were suspended two weeks ago as the virus began to spread across the United States. The fundraiser was his second virtual event in the past week.
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Joe Biden: It's Above My Pay Grade To Talk To People About Coronavirus

Joe Biden had a phone conference with reporters today and said some interesting things about his lack of communication about the coronavirus outbreak. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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「Joe Biden on Friday criticized President Trump over his administration’s response to the novel coronavirus, blaming him for the country’s testing shortage and accusing him of a lack of transparency.

“In times of crisis, the American people deserve a president who tells them the truth and takes responsibility. Unfortunately, President Trump has not been that president,” Biden told reporters on a 30-minute conference call that began shortly after Trump left the lectern in the White House briefing room.

“He is falsely telling us he’s taking action he has not taken, promising results he’s not delivering and announcing actions that he has not even ordered,” Biden said, adding that “the president has been behind the curve throughout this whole response.”*

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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