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Being Able To Say “I Told You So!” (Senate Opens Investigation Into The Bidens and Ukraine!)

Now that the Democrat’s Impeachment Hearings are over, we can see that they accomplished nothing as far as moving the needle to build support for their efforts. Watch and I’ll tell you about how I predicted this very outcome and why Being Able to Say, “I Told You So,” is kind of satisfying!

Collateral Damage! (New Evidence Destroys Democrats』 Ukraine Story And Joe Biden!)

Graham demands Biden documents from State Department https://youtu.be/C2neRCHIALY

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Getting Caught Over And Over! (Dem’s Impeachment Witness Appears To Have Lied Under Oath!)

Eye-Opening Hypocrisy! (ABC Under Fire for Squashing Epstein Story!)

A Reason To Smile! (Sources: IG FISA Report Will Be Devastating!)

A Well-Deserved Title! (Washington Post Gives Schiff Four Pinocchio’s!)

Disdain For The Constitution! (CNN says “No Crime Is Necessary” for Impeachment!)

A Clearly Partisan Witch Hunt! (Not One Republican Voted For Impeachment!)

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