God Is Able(Old Skool Gospel)-Hasan Green

I love this song. grew up singing with grandma.
Know that God is able..


Priority Seats used by Strong Able Japan Trains

Sign says priority seats for elderly pregnant children with mothers.

Also asking to keep the mobile phones and smartphones switched off when busy.
Priority Seats are used by Strong and young using Mobile phones.

Respect for the elderly pregnant and needy is ignored just like everywhere in the world.
This is the result of people of different values brining their own behaviour and applying it regardless of local values.


Hypixel Skyblock: How We Made All This Money..Lets Talk About It

Hey guys! So today we talk about how we got up to this money which was a mixture of things, primarily it was from dragon fights. In the long run you only need a small amount of luck to be profiting a decent bit, but to expect large profits right away you are going to need to be insanely luck with multiple swords and superiors a day instead of 1 or 2. I also talk about some pricing and a bit of specifics, but right now this is a very late game farm method for money unless you can get yourself a low gear party and no strong players in the lobby.

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Quiz about Old Sayings

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Question 1 : Referring to family, what is said to be thicker than water?
Answer a: Blood
Answer b: Brains
Answer c: Kinship
Answer d: Sentiments

Question 2 : If you are new to something, you are said to be wet behind which body part?
Answer a: Ears
Answer b: Eyes
Answer c: Fingers
Answer d: Hair

Question 3 : Fanciful ideas are known as what foodstuff in the sky?
Answer a: Cake
Answer b: Pie
Answer c: Scones
Answer d: Tart

Question 4 : What state is said to be bliss?
Answer a: Ignorance
Answer b: Ineptitude
Answer c: Inefficiency
Answer d: Irregularity

Question 5 : If you spare the rod, what sort of person do you spoil?
Answer a: Child
Answer b: Pensioner
Answer c: Policeman
Answer d: Thief

Question 6 : What colour eyed monster is said to represent jealousy?
Answer a: Green
Answer b: Red
Answer c: White
Answer d: Yellow

Question 7 : What is said to be the mother of invention?
Answer a: Necessity
Answer b: New York
Answer c: Nursing
Answer d: Numbers

Question 8 : If you marry in haste, what might you do at leisure?
Answer a: Repent
Answer b: Remember
Answer c: Relax
Answer d: Rumble

Question 9 : If you’re frightened, what type of bird wouldn’t you say boo to?
Answer a: Duck
Answer b: Goose
Answer c: Pigeon
Answer d: Swan

Question 10 : What farm animal could a chatterbox talk the hind legs off?
Answer a: Cow
Answer b: Donkey
Answer c: Horse
Answer d: Pig


Old Friends Quartet – Up Above My Head [Live]

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Up above my head I hear music in the air
Up above my head there’s a melody so bright
And fair
I can hear when I’m all alone
Even in those times when I feel all hope is gone
Up above my head I hear joybells ringing
Up above my head I hear angels singing
There must be a God somewhere
There must be a God somewhere

I hear music in the air
I hear music everywhere
There must be a God somewhere

There must be a God somewhere
There must be a God somewhere
There must be a God somewhere

Music video by Bill & Gloria Gaither performing Up Above My Head (feat. Old Friends Quartet) [Live]. (P) (C) 2012 Spring House Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by EMI Christian Music Group,