Joanna Wang 王若琳 -《我只在乎你 I Only Care About You》Official Music Video

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Joanna 與「摩登悲劇」專輯的 MV 導演 Robert Youngblood 再度合作,兩人都很喜歡有「科幻電影啟蒙者」之稱的法國國寶級漫畫家 Moebius 與「Cult 片祖師爺」導演 Alejandro Jodorowsky 的作品,於是共同討論出一個很宇宙式的、跟靈魂轉世有關的劇情概念:不管主角身處在任何一個時代或環境裡面,他都會感受到有一個東西在呼喚他,而他在找的就是「愛」。

導演以 5 支 MV 來呈現這個概念,首支 MV「我只在乎你」描述一位孤獨苦澀的機器人設計師與給他關懷的機器人的戀愛。Joanna 扮演的機器人設計師在重複的日常生活中,透過交友軟體盲目約會試圖找真愛,但最後卻發現真正在乎她、一直在身邊陪伴她的,是一個服務生機器人,難尋的真愛原來就在身邊!

・Video Credit・
Produced by Caitlyn Adamson
Directed by Robert Youngblood
Assistant Directed by Rebecca Morandi
Concept Designs by Brandon Graham and Simon Roy
Cinematography by Tamás Méder
Production Design by Chelsea Gallagher
Hair and Makeup by Emma Croft
Edited by Manos Ioannou
VFX by Stephen Scott Day

・Song Credit・
produced by Chris Funk and Joanna Wang
recorded and mixed by Adam Lee at Halfling Studios, Portland
Arranged by Ryan Francesconi
Recorded by Josh Powell at The Maproom, Portland, OR USA


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Above The Rim NBA Podcast – Laker Roundtable

This episode I’m joined by BTG (@BaylorTheGreat) from Open Run & Jarv (@Chet_Ohara) from The Gray Area.

20 games into the season and the Lakers are on fire. Top 2 record in the league, Lebron is playing phenomenal, Anthony Davis is fitting in seamlessly & the supporting cast has answered the call. But are there any chinks in the armor? Should they be worried about the Clippers?

-The Lakers MVP thus far. Who has been their most important player?
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IU – Above The Time MV Reaction

Hey everyone!! This week I’m reacting to IU’s new video for her song 「Above the Time」 which is an incredibly beautiful song! Let me know what you thought of the video if you’ve watched it!

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Much love to you all! 💕


DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the audio/music used in this video. All rights go to the original owner(s).


[Eng sub] IU(아이유)_ above the time(시간의 바깥) MV reaction Ι 웅쇼니티비 WshonieTV

아이유가 유애나를 위해 깜짝 선공개한 시간의 바깥!
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