Rising above Physical Rituals in Hinduism [Hindi with English CC]

The question asked in the discourse was, can one perform certain rituals or puja in their mind if they do not have access to, or are not able to offer material offerings.

Mental worship can be done at any time, and it should be considered no less than a ritual with material offerings in Hinduism. In fact, using your mind is a better way of worshipping when compared to physical rituals. They help build more concentration and purity.

Rituals were made for society in general, and not for the spiritual seeker. It was done, to invoke the devotional sentiment of the doer of the ritual. This way, the doer feels satisfied that they were able to give an offering to God. A person’s devotional sentiment is what matters when making an offering.

Pearls of Wisdom from this talk:
1. One can worship and make offerings in the mind to express their devotion
2. Devotional sentiment is what matters most during worship of any kind

「Gratitude is a form of prayer, so is compassion, being kind is praying too as is serving his creation. Begging God is not praying to Him. A prayer in the right spirit can transform you, if your faith is firm, your prayers can yield results.」 – https://os.me/do-prayers-work/

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