Mechanical Katarina – Detailed Ability Mechanics

Katarina’s been a lot of fun and I hope to have the guides out for her soon.

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As of the time this video was published, the wiki entry reads that Bouncing Blades will consume a mark but will not re-apply a new mark. This is incorrect: Bouncing Blades will consume a previous mark, dealing the bonus damage, but it will still apply a new mark.

This is mildly important because it means you aren’t going to be punished too hard if you don’t follow a specific rotation after each kill (i.e. Q then Q again isn’t going to cost you a bunch of damage).


*NEW* CONFIRMED Revenant ABILITIES!! | Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay – Ep. 347

*NEW* CONFIRMED Revenant ABILITIES!! | Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay – Ep. 347

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ES_Never Back Down – The New Fools
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The Apex Legends Assimilation Launch Trailer for Revenant just released. Here’s my first look and a Full Breakdown of what Revenants abilities & back story look like! Hope you enjoy the face came for the first time, smash like!


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Dummies Big Day Ultimate Ability Apex Legends

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DUMMIES mode teases NEW abilities for Lifeline and Mirage? (Grand Soiree Event Apex Legends)

►The last mode in the Grand Soiree event for Apex Legends has been released, and this time you play as dummies with some interesting new abilities…

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