The Little Mermaid: According to Kids! (Movie Parody)

Starring… comedian Kelly Vrooman as Ariel –

*** Watch episode 1, Beauty and the Beast: ***

If you can’t wait for Disney’s live action The Little Mermaid, or even that other live action with the vague trailer showing the little mermaid in a fish tank or something, this parody is for you!

Enjoy 「The Little Mermaid」 by Fairytales According to Kids… according to storytellers Chase, Calleigh and Tera!

With… Aaron Schwartz as King Triton –


Michael Minto as Prince Eric
Jenna Bryson as Ursula
Majeed Nami as Sebastian
Christopher Davis Carlisle as The Butler
Bri Giger as MerSister #1
Lashette Showers as Mer Sister #2


Producers: Kelly Vrooman, Jenna Bryson
Written By: Kelly Vrooman
Director: Jenna Bryson
Camera: Spencer King
Editing: Spencer King, Kelly Vrooman
Sound Recording: Phillip Ta
Location Manager: Mary Bonney

Special Thanks:

To the generous ladies of 「Prince Eric’s Castle」 for allowing us to shoot at their beautiful home.

To our dear friend Jeff Drongowski ( for loaning us equipment once again!

Thanks for watching Fairytales According to Kids (episode 2): The Little Mermaid!

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