[For Honor] I Am Still Able -Rep 12 Black Prior Montage-

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I Am Able – Samantha Moore
By the Weight of the Chain – Falconbridge Music


Learn English word according meaning // Learn English BASIC phrases \ Subtitles

Do you want to learn English? Why not start by learning the most basic useful words meaning first? In this learning English video, you will learn the meaning of …


Russia’s nuclear-powered nuke able to reach New York in one hour and unleash ‘DOOMSDAY’- NASA News

Russia’s nuclear-powered nuke able to reach New York in one hour and unleash ‘DOOMSDAY’- NASA News
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Russia is working on a nuclear-powered, nuclear-armed cruise missile which has the potential to bring in doomsday. The 9M730 Burevestnik, or Skyfall as NATO dubbed it, will be able to reach any corner of the globe as astonishing speeds. Skyfall has been fitted with a nuclear powered engine which makes it able to travel non-stop with “unlimited range”, according to Putin. This is because the missile would firstly be launched into the air on top of a conventional rocket booster, and then the nuclear engine takes over. The engine will be able to suck in and absorb air into a chamber, superheat it with the nuclear reactor with the energy created used to propel Skyfall giving it virtually unlimited energy. This method also allows the missile to travel at super speeds, some three times the speed of sound. The speed of sound, or Mach 1, is 343 metres per second. Mach 3 is 3,705 kilometres per hour. At that speed, the rocket could easily get from Moscow to New York, which is 7,510 kilometres as the crow flies, in an hour. A commercial jet takes nine hours. The fact it is a cruise missile also means it is virtually unassailable. Cruise missiles fly close to the ground, able to manoeuvre easily. As they are so low, it is difficult for ground-based radars to detect them unti…


Preposiciones de lugar: in, at, on / under, above, behind, in front of…

Curso de inglés gratis. En este cortito vídeo explicamos las preposiciones de lugar en inglés: under, above, behind, in front of, next to, opposite, between, among. Centramos la atención en las preposiciones IN, AT, ON. Te ayudamos a aprender inglés, como si fueses a la academia, pero online 😉

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Use of Will be able to | Will be able to use

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