Radiohead – Thinking About You (Lyrics On Screen)

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AFTER Trailer #2 NEW (2019) Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin Movie HD

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(OLD) Classic Zac – Ability Preview – League of Legends

These may not be the final particles for his classic skin.
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Zac, the Secret Weapon Ability Preview.

All of Zac’s abilities utilise % of his HP.

Cell Division (Passive):
When any of Zac’s abilities hit an enemy, a piece of him falls to the ground. Zac can pick up fallen pieces to recover health. When Zac dies he splits into four blobs. These fragments will attempt to reform over a short duration. If any survive, Zac revives with a percentage of his maximum health based on the number of remaining blobs.

Q – Stretching Strike:
Zac throws a two-handed punch that deals damage and slows targets in a line.

W – Unstable Matter:
Zac’s body explodes outward, dealing flat damage to surrounding enemies. Enemies struck also take damage based on their maximum health.

E – Elastic Slingshot:
Zac is immobilized as he charges up a dash toward the target location. The range of Elastic Slingshot increases up to a cap as Zac charges the ability. Zac then fires himself towards the target location, damaging and stunning all nearby enemies upon landing.

R – Let’s Bounce:
Zac bounces into the air, immediately knocking up, slowing and damaging nearby enemies. Once airborne, he bounces three times, dealing damage with each impact.

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Hillsong Live – Rise (God is Able) Legendado em Português HD

Vídeo do mais novo dvd de Hillsong live, agora legendado em portugues HD.