DEATH FROM ABOVE • BATTLEFIELD V • Trophy/Achievement Guide & Airplane Tips ✈︎

UPDATE: This video is about getting it in regular online games. By now it can also be done in Community Games (which weren’t available at the making of this video) but you’ll need at least three other players to start the round.

To get this trophy, you need to destroy five manned stationary weapons using an airplane. For most players this is the final task to get your Platinum/Gamerscore and it seems quite hard if you’re not too familiar with flying in Battlefield games.

But don’t worry, in this video I’ll walk you through the basic steps and give some useful hints on how to tackle this task. Good Luck! ✌️

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Destiny 2: How I Feel About Destiny Going Into 2020 & Season of Dawn

Had no idea what to call this video, but I’ve been getting questions lately about how I feel about Season of Dawn at this point in the season, how I feel about end-game and how I feel about the game going into 2020, so I made a video that I’ve probably made about 6 times already.

Nihilist: a person who believes that life is meaningless and rejects all religious and moral principles. (In this case, Destiny specifically)

Season of Dawn’s lack of endgame pursuits both in terms of loot and mastery has made me tune out of the game to Curse of Osiris levels. I personally have gotten to the point where playing the game for the sake of playing the game is no longer as entertaining as it once was. It feels like every pursuit in the game is meaningless, the most meaningless it has ever felt. Could that be because I’ve played this game for over 5 years now? Sure.

Most of my friends and clanmates are not really playing the game that much anymore, save for when I do my Tuesday raid streams and even that has been a struggle sometimes. I am not playing the game that much anymore and it’s partly due to burnout and partly due to my apathy. I no longer have goals to pursue and if I was not a title grinder, would have run out of goals to pursue a very longtime ago.

I am not really entertained by grinding even more god roll weapons that I know I will throw right into my vault. I’m not really entertained by build diversity when I can stare at enemies and they will die. That does nothing for me at all. When I have become so powerful that I just destroy everything, I start to lose interest. Perhaps I need some time away from the game for a little bit. I still have plenty of videos to work on, like the exotic tier lists and the fashion show video, so I won’t be disappearing or anything. But the seasonal formula that Destiny has adopted will need a little shaking up.

Start of video is a reference to TheNeedleDrop.

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Can We Talk About This? Qiyana


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Walt Disney's apartment above the firehouse at Disneyland

A Disneyland VIP tour guide shows you the private apartment Walt and Lillian Disney had above the fire station at Disneyland. This was part of a tour given to Warren Spector and other designers of the Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2 video games, as well as members of the media.

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Do Not Rush To Rank Bad 6*! Champion Abilities Are Far More Important Than Their Star Level!

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