Winning with Revenant's SECRET ABILITY in Apex Legends

Revenant is literally GOD



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848. Able Sisters – Fair Spirit Battle – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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They weren’t able.

The goal is to showcase how the developers interpreted the character/item – the spirit – with a fair fight!

What do I mean by 「Fair」? Certainly not fair for ME! Essentially, I’m selecting a Primary Spirit without any Type-Advantage and a similar Spirit Power to the opposing spirits! I’ve also turned off all Adventure Skills if the battle takes place in the Adventure Mode and I’m avoiding the use of Support Spirits and their Skills unless it ends up being necessary in a fight (All the floor is lava!). Primary Spirits with a Skill or some other buff may be used.

Difficulty level in Adventure Mode remains at 「Normal」. I believe this best represents the full spectrum of enemy AI rather than playing on 「Hard」 which would push what are supposed to be easier fights towards the difficult side of the spectrum (misrepresenting developer intent!) Besides, the Spirit Board has no difficulty selection! I can only assume that those fought there are of an equivalent AI setting to 「Normal」 in Adventure Mode.

Focusing on uploading all the fights comes first! Insights, stats, or descriptions may come later!

*************Thoughts about the fight and how it represents the spirit are encouraged in your comments and greatly appreciated!*************


COD: Modern Warfare Remastered playthrough 06 (No commentary) Death From Above War Pig

COD: Modern Warfare Remastered playlist:

COD: Modern Warfare Classic (+All Intel) playlist:


Animal Crossing New Horizons | Day 12 | Able Sisters!

Welcome back to Yullison! Its day 12 of 365 and the Able Sisters have finally got their little shop started! But wait who is this new red friend wandering my town??

ACNH Switch Giveaway:…

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