My Own Fashion Show – Read The Description To Be Able To Enter

Trevs fashion show

1.You must friend me so I can invite you to my creative map!
My fortnite name is now Sub To TrevOnYT

2. Then just make sure I am on your friends list in the coming day and comment in the comment section that you have added me and tell me what your name is in fortnite.

3. Rules
There will be no griefing/ don’t try to do anything if you are about to be eliminated because there will be more fashion shows in the future.

4.if you are going to be a participant plz feel free to like this description video and sub to the channel as there will be plenty more amazing content like this.

Reward for winning – The reward for winning is not money or a skin from the item shop, but what happens when you win is you can get a shoutout on my channel and also become body guard in the next fashion show.

2nd place gets the opportunity to be a body guard as well but won’t get a shout out – but whoever gets second is lucky b/c there is typically only rewards for 1st place.

How it is set up –
There will be three rounds. Round one will be the outfit check where only 4 contestants will be able to move on.
Round two- emote round where only 2 out of the 4 players will be able to move on.

Round 3/ final round- the final two will be in the grand finale where they will have to emote battle each other and then who ever I think won will go through a certain rift and the loser will be stuck in a pit of traps.

Good luck everyone. I hope to see you at my fashion show when we at least get 8 – 16 contestants.


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