The Movie Frozen: According to Kids! (Comedy Parody)

Starring… comedian Kelly Vrooman as Elsa *** WATCH EPISODE 3 – CINDERELLA …


Stars Of 'Frozen 2' Talk About Their New Film, Parenting, & More | PeopleTV | Entertainment Weekly

Kristen Bell, Sterling K. Brown, Jonathan Groff, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, and Evan Rachel Wood giggle and chat about everything they’re excited for in the much anticipated 『Frozen 2.』
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Stars Of 『Frozen 2』 Talk About Their New Film, Parenting, & More | PeopleTV | Entertainment Weekly


Why Frozen 2 Needs To Talk About Elsa’s Dark Side

Frozen 2 Is Going To Change Everything For Anna
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Excitement is ramping up as the “Frozen 2” release date gets even nearer. We can’t wait to see what happens in the movie, but there’s one aspect in particular that we’re super keen on, and that’s an in-depth look at Elsa’s dark side. They didn’t really scratch the surface of Elsa’s complex personality in “Frozen,” and we need to learn more about the ice queen.

Of all the Disney Princesses, Elsa is a mystery. We got to know a lot about Anna in 「Frozen,」 so “Frozen 2” has to zoom in on Elsa. We’ve been given a glimpse of where Elsa’s head’s at with the new song “Into The Unknown” and we cannot wait to dig deeper. As Kristoff says, Elsa is Elsa. But with Pabbie’s insights and the spirit horse intrigue, it looks like we’re about to get so much deeper. Subscribe to TheThings for more great videos like this one. Thanks for watching!

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