Frozen 2 Coach-able Moments

We wanted to share our perspective on Frozen II. We provide 5 coach-able moments from the movie. Please be on the look out for our experience at John’s Incredible Pizza @ The Boulevards Shops in Las Vegas. We will also be posting Dr. Myers』 channeled experience with the Collective of Abraham and their take on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Remember to keep love at the heart of your decisions and goals. We love you and encourage you to invest in your happiness everyday!

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Why Parents Are Upset About Frozen 2

Frozen 2 Had A Ton Of Adult Jokes Everyone Missed!
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A lot has changed in the six years since Frozen came out. There’s a new president, Kobe Bryant retired and also, the fans of the original frozen aren’t little kids anymore. Because of those six years, the people at Disney have tried to make the content a little darker and more political. But maybe they’ve compensated too far in that direction. Some parents are a little worried about taking their kids to the movie. Are there worries warranted? Of course not, but today we’ll try and get inside the minds of the touchy parents that think Frozen 2 went too far.

Maybe it’s the innuendo. There are a few moments in the new Frozen, between Anna and Kristoff that are a little more racy than some parents might like. Take Anna’s line near the end of the film, when Kristoff is all dressed up for her coronation. He’s aching to get back into his normal clothes and Anna says she doesn’t mind, in fact, she “prefers him in leather.” The parents who are anxious about their kids hearing these lines need not be. If a kid’s “too young” to be hearing that kind of talk, then they won’t understand the joke, it’s pretty subtle.

On a darker note, there are some more serious emotional moments in the movie. The things that Anna hints at in her darkest moments are serious. So serious they can’t be said in a monetized YouTube video. But watch ahead and we’ll find a way to make you understand.

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Everything GREAT About Frozen!

Frozen 2 is in theaters! So here’s Frozen! Picked a great movie for right after all the COPPA requirements came out. Even though it’s an animated movie, this video is not made 『for』 kids. But don’t be confused, all my content is appropriate for kids unless otherwise stated by me, we just all agree that kids shouldn’t be targeted by ads. Anyway, here’s everything right with Frozen!

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Stars Of 'Frozen 2' Talk About Their New Film, Parenting, & More | PeopleTV | Entertainment Weekly

Kristen Bell, Sterling K. Brown, Jonathan Groff, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, and Evan Rachel Wood giggle and chat about everything they’re excited for in the much anticipated 『Frozen 2.』
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Stars Of 『Frozen 2』 Talk About Their New Film, Parenting, & More | PeopleTV | Entertainment Weekly


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