9 things you didn't know about Mohamed Salah | Oh My Goal

Mohamed Salah is a world superstar. There’s been a lot of news about Liverpool star Mohamed Salah in the last few years. But here are 9 things about Liverpool and Egypt star Mohamed Salah you probably didn’t know!


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The Movie Frozen: According to Kids! (Comedy Parody)

Starring… comedian Kelly Vrooman as Elsa https://www.facebook.com/KellyVroomanComedy *** WATCH EPISODE 3 – CINDERELLA …


Qui sera le meilleur ? Knife Ability Test

Salut la Team-Husky, aujourd’hui on se retrouve pour une nouvelle vidéo détente sur Knife Ability Test, qui a pour un but simple de tuer des personnes

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Top 10 Awful Facts About McDonalds

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Top 10 Ridiculous Examples of Corporate Greed

You know that McDonald’s is kind of evil, because there are more column inches and pseudo-scientific documentaries dedicated to that fact than there are as to whether or not jet fuel can burn hot enough to melt steel. But we felt that there was just a little more life left in this idea thanks to some lesser known facts about America’s “favorite” burger company.

Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-facts-about-mcdonalds-that-will-make-you-want-to-grill-your-own-burgers.php

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10. They Ran the Original Owners Out of Business Just to Spite Them
9. Their Food Doesn’t Rot, Spoil or Go Bad
8. Their Fries Contain 14 Ingredients
7. McDonald’s Salad is Worse for You Than a Big Mac
6. They Fought One of the Longest Legal Cases in History
5. Avoiding Billions in Tax
4. Paying Rappers to Hype the Big Mac
3. They Haven’t Tracked Sold Burgers Since the ’90s
2. The Fillet-O-Fish was Almost Replaced by an Awful Burger
1. Ronald McDonald Actors Weren’t Allowed to Tell Kids Where the Food Came From

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Why Doesn’t McDonald’s Food Rot?



Darwin Hobbs – He's Able (Drums)

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