You Won't Be Able To Team Kill In Valorant

Team killing in Valorant is pretty much impossible. You’ll do no damage at all if you hit your teammates with a weapon. Also there’s no grenades in this game and molotov heals you! It’s kinda good.

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Dirty Bomb: All About Stoker

Stoked about Stoker! That’s original right?

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Intro Animation by Trey B. ([NC10] Lisharsky – Mattherson – NC)

Music by Jesse Valentine (F-777), used with permission.


2020 IS ABOUT TO GET SERIOUS // Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass


Happy Holidays from all of us at Croteam!

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass reignites the legendary series and elevates the iconic full-throttle gameplay, massive hordes of enemies, and explosive array of weapons to the next level with the power of Croteam’s Serious Engine.

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Am I able to get 250 keys in just 2 hours

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Blast Ability! | PositronX | Ep18

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「PositronX is a futuristic Rogue-lite First-Person Shooter emphasizing with fast-paced combat, creative movement and time control mechanics packed with breathtaking visuals. Various weapons and abilities which will help you fight your way through and a complex progression system to make you way stronger than you could ever imagine.」

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