Ben J on Why He Made a Song About the Shooting Called "Killer Instinct" (Part 4)

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In this clip, Ben J talked further about the attempted armed robbery that led him to kill a man. He explained that the robbery was part of a larger string of robberies that were to be carried out across Las Vegas.

Later, Ben J talked about getting back in school, the rationale behind the song and video for 「Killer Instinct,」 and why he believes he’s this generation’s OG.


Ratchet Roach Shocked that Vlad Knows About Fight w/ Members Only Member (Part 5)

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In this clip, Tankhead666 & Ratchet Roach spoke about their current affiliation with Members Only and their appreciation for the collective. Ratchet Roach reacts to Vlad knowing about a mall incident that occurred between himself and a Members Only affiliate while Tankhead666 remembers XXXTentacion.


Peanut King on Feeling Like He was "Above the Law" at the Height of His Drug Empire (Part 3)

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In this clip, Peanut King speaks about wanting to give back to the youth or anyone else to save them from what he went through. He explained that the youth have been accepting of the advice that he’s been giving, adding that they fact check him to see if he’s legit. He went on to speak about feeling like he was above the law at his height and not being able to be yourself after doing 37 years in prison.


Adam22 on Comedy Central Supporting Joke About XXXTentacion's Murder (Part 10)

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Adam22 shared his thoughts on comedian Dina Hashem making a joke about XXXTentacion’s death during an episode of Comedy Central’s 「This Week at the Comedy Cellar.」 While the episode never aired and Hashem apologized, Adam22 thinks it was in bad taste to joke about something so soon after it happened, adding that he’s not ready to hear jokes about 2Pac’s murder or the Holocaust.


Lee Jun Young(이준영) – Curious About U [Music Bank / 2019.12.13]

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