Why You Will (Probably) Be Able to Take the SAT This Year | COVID-19 Series | The Princeton Review

With March and May SAT administrations canceled, many students are worried that they won’t have an opportunity to take the SAT. Even with some colleges going test-optional, students may want the opportunity to distinguish themselves—and improve their admission chances as well as their merit-based aid prospects. To all of you, take heart! It very much looks like you’ll be able to take the SAT this fall—if not sooner. Watch to find out more.

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Why scientists need to learn more about how COVID-19 behaves within a human body

How much do we know about COVID-19, the virus spreading misery across the globe? Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee joins Jeffrey Brown to discuss understanding the dynamics of the virus within people it has infected, why some experience much more severe forms of illness than others, how we can limit asymptomatic transmission and the need to buy medical researchers time to develop treatments.

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Flight attendants pushing to be able to wear masks, other protective gear on flights

A flight attendant reached out to WCNC Charlotte, concerned about the way planes are being cleaned during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some flight attendants are pushing for more to be done to keep them safe.


Doctor Shares The Biggest Lie About COVID-19 | UK Data

There has been a particularly harmful misconception which has led many to believe coronavirus is a trivial problem that won’t affect them.

These are results from the first 775 patients admitted to intensive care in the UK, with COVID-19.

Time to put the misconception that this disease only preys on the elderly and those with significant medical conditions, to rest.

Erratum: Thanks to a couple of friends who pointed out that I should’ve been clearer with the deaths statistic – when saying around half have died, that refers to those with outcomes recorded, ie patients who have either left ICU alive or dead. Many of these patients are still in ICU right now, so the rate may change *however* if you click the link below you can see a steady state emerging between discharge alive and dead, suggesting the 52:48 ratio is probably about right.

Link to ICNARC report: https://www.icnarc.org/About/Latest-News/2020/03/27/Report-On-775-Patients-Critically-Ill-With-Covid-19

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Hannah Ann Sluss Spills About “The Bachelor” – Lights Out Lo-Fi Chats (March 29, 2020)

“The Bachelor” contestant Hannah Ann Sluss video chats with David Spade about her time on the show, her relationship with Peter Weber’s mom and life under quarantine.

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