ABOVE & BEYOND (Official Music Video) | Madhav Gopi Nair

Presenting 『Above & Beyond』, a Progressive Carnatic Rock single based on the Sindhubhairavi Tillana composed by Kanyakumari Avasarala Amma.

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Madhav’s costume : Pilot & Priest by Avinash Prabhakar
Special thanks to Church of Our Lady of Life, Mattancherry

Violin, Additional Arrangements : Madhav Gopi Nair
Keyboard and Arrangements, Mix and Master : Glenton Francis
Guitars : Akash S Menon
Drums : Unnikrishnan Kalidas
Mridangam : Abhimanyu Kamath

Audio Recorded by:
Dil Vinu at Sonic Island, Kochi
Akshaya MC at K7 Studios, Kochi
Sreekanth at Pooja Sudio, Tripunithura
Santhosh at The Third Eye Studios, Bangalore
Jacob at Your Music Base, Bangalore

Editing, DI, Grading : Aswin Lal
Cinematographer : Adithya Narayanan MS
Assistants : Vishnu Vijayan, Ashwin Kumar

Album Art, Posters : Avinash Prabhakar

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Before the Throne of God Above

My favorite hymn. This song is from the album, 「Together for the Gospel Live」 from Sovereign Grace Music.


Niels Blankestijn – Above The Clouds (Original Piano Composition)

Original piano composition by Niels Blankestijn
Title: Above The Clouds

A poem I made for this song:

As the days go by
I try to find the words
I want to say
But the words
I want to say
Are not the words
That I can find
Another day goes by
And it came to mind
The words that I can find
Are real
Yet, will never describe
The way I feel
So the words that I want
But cannot say to you
I say them through these flowing notes
Listen, please do
Because these flowing notes
I wrote them for you

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Niels Blankestijn

My Previous video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FFtbEYANLE
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Filmed and edited by Paul Hemmen: http://www.youtube.com/phvisuals
Paul on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/paulhemmen