TheDeenShow #785 – Christian who Studied Bible in 3 languages accepts ISLAM – Recites Quran

TheDeenShow #785
An Amazing Story of a man who went from studying the bible in 3 languages
to accepting Islam and now reciting the Quran on TheDeenShow




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God loves Hollywood! What is God saying about Celebrities? Ep 120: Your Prophetic Journey

You may say: I’m dreaming about Chris Pratt and Justin Bieber! Now what?? Today I will talk about dreams and encounters about celebrities! People tend to dream with celebrities in their mind, their heart and their head. Hear stories today about how God is encountering people in a major way! Sometimes God uses celebrity figures as prophetic image of something you need to learn how to interpret.

What do you do if you’re not called to the entertainment industry but you’ve had an encounter for someone in the entertainment industry? The place to begin is….prayer! Pray for that celebrity!
When I was a young boy God gave me a vision of a certain celebrity, I prayed for them faithfully, ended up meeting and being able to pray for that person. Maybe you’ve had a dream of a celebrity, don’t discount those dreams or encounters, God wants to use those people in a beautiful way and to bring them into identity of who they are in Him. Your prayers are powerful! God consistently speaks about those who are famous in culture. The temptation for them is great! God can also use you to speak to them in very real ways. God uses us to be His voice to speak to ones who are in society. He is moving so profoundly right now!

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SHAWN BOLZ is an international speaker, producer, TV Host, and author of Translating God, The Throne Room Company, and Keys to Heaven’s Economy, among others. He is well-known for his prophetic accuracy, and he is passionate about bringing God’s presence and power into the entertainment industry and the local community. Cherie is passionate about having a happy and healthy life. A majority of her energy is spent pouring into their daughters Harper and Hartley. She also loves teaching about the process of personal transformation. She has a heart to inspire people to be fully empowered by developing the best version of themselves. She teaches primarily from her personal life experience and uses the power of vulnerability and humor. Bolz Ministries is based in Los Angeles, California.

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God is able – Hillsong 2011

God is able – Hillsong 2011.. (cover)
sorry for the mistakes on the videos..
we just learn guys…
hope you enjoy it..
God bless



Sermon or Lesson 5 Why we are able to call people fools

Sermon or Lesson 5 Why we are able to call people fools – The True Body of Christ Restored – Bishop and Pastor Ramon Wilson

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