How Old Are Champions According to the Lore?

Tune in for a Lore Stream tomorrow! There was an accidental one day delay on this vid. I forgot to hit the release button :C MERCH: …


Kirby Battle Royale – All Abilities (DLC Included)

This video shows some gameplay for all Abilities (including Mirror and Sleep, which were released as DLC) in Kirby Battle Royale for the Nintendo 3DS. This includes all moves for each Ability and shows both the top and side views of the Training Room.


LOST ARK Online – Open Beta All Class Characters Abilities vs Ultimate Skills Gameplay Showcase

Video show LOST ARK Online Open beta OBT All Class Characters Abilities vs Ultimate Skills Gameplay Showcase 2018 2019
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LEGO Dimensions All Character Abilities

What’s up everybody! 🙂 In this video I will show you every character ability in LEGO Dimensions!

DC Comics
0:00 Superman
0:28 Batman
20:00 Wonder Woman
3:16 Cyborg
9:21 The Joker
10:45 Harley Quinn
1:51 Aquaman
2:48 Bane

The Lord of the Rings
0:55 Gandalf
11:13 Gollum
13:33 Legolas
8:25 Gimli

Scooby Doo
14:28 Shaggy
17:42 Scooby Doo

Lego Ninjago
8:54 Kai
4:12 Cole
9:49 Jay
16:19 Nya
19:33 Zane
14:00 Lloyd
17:14 Sensei Wu

The Wizard of Oz
19:05 Wicked Witch of the West

Lego Chima
13:05 Laval
3:44 Cragger
7:57 Eris

15:24 Peter Venkman
18:09 Stay Puft
14:56 Slimer

Midway Arcade
12:09 Gamer Kid

The LEGO Movie
1:23 Wyldstyle
7:29 Emmet
2:19 Bad Cop
5:07 Benny
18:37 Unikitty

Back to the Future
16:46 Marty McFly
6:33 Doc Brown

The Simpsons
10:17 Homer Simpson
5:35 Bart Simpson
12:37 Krusty the Clown

Portal 2
4:40 Chell

Doctor Who
7:01 The Doctor
6:04 Cyberman

Jurassic World
15:51 Owen
11:41 ACU Trooper

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My 5 Favorite Orange T4 Ability Upgrades – Best Return on Investment

Orange Ability Materials are rare. I am happy with all the upgrades I have made but some have given me a better bang for my buck that others.

In this video I discuss the top 5 Orange ability upgrades that have helped me the most in Marvel Strike Force.

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