Corvus Abilities Breakdown

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Ryan Villopoto opens up about Mitch Payton -Motocross Action Magazine

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We caught up with with Supercross/Motocross champion Ryan Villopoto at Pro Circuit headquarters in Southern California to talk about the years working with Mitch Payton. Ryan talks about his childhood, his career, and his retirement stages with Mitch in his corner. Ryan was able to win several Pro Motocross and Supercross Championships with Mitch at his side. If you want to see what Chad Reed or Jeremy McGrath had to say about Mitch Payton head over to the labeled playlist to see more. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button before you leave!

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Streamers React to 'Fiddlesticks Gameplay Preview' – Ability Reveal

New Fiddlestick’s Ability Kit is Finally Revealed!!!

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Mechanical Katarina – Detailed Ability Mechanics

Katarina’s been a lot of fun and I hope to have the guides out for her soon.

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As of the time this video was published, the wiki entry reads that Bouncing Blades will consume a mark but will not re-apply a new mark. This is incorrect: Bouncing Blades will consume a previous mark, dealing the bonus damage, but it will still apply a new mark.

This is mildly important because it means you aren’t going to be punished too hard if you don’t follow a specific rotation after each kill (i.e. Q then Q again isn’t going to cost you a bunch of damage).