Best and worst Black Friday deals, according to Wallet Hub

We caught up with some Central Georgia shoppers to see if the Wallet Hub survey matched up with the deals they snagged in the store.


Deep Fake But for Renders – All About Android 448

Black Friday deals, Google Stadia issues, Android Ambient Mode
— Black Friday Deals
— Google Stadia quality issues
— Android’s new 「Ambient Mode」
— Samsung’s Android 10 update schedule
— A viewer email asks 「how long is Google expected to support Stadia?」
— Galaxy S11+ renders leaked?
— Google’s plans for Linux kernel support in Android
— Another viewer asks what happens when Google shuts down Cloud Print?
— WhatsApp’s upcoming 「delete messages」 feature
— Another viewer emails in with some love for Google Hangouts
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— Ron – Zone Launcher
— Flo – PC to Mobile Transfer
— Huyen – Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery
— This Week’s Poll

Hosts: Florence Ion, Ron Richards
Guest: Huyen Tue Dao

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