Battle 4 Syria|Feb 6 #HTS sniper was able to destroy a Syrian Army Golan rocket on W. #Aleppo front

#HTS sniper was able to destroy a Golan rocket (Syrian Army#SAA4th Division artillery) on W. #Aleppo front

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Able Danger Whistleblower Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer – June 16, 2009 (1of2)

On 9/11: 「So much of what happened was foreseeable and preventable.」 —Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer speaking at the June 16, 2009 news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC held to promote the paperback book release of 「Triple Cross」 by investigative journalist Peter Lance. (The book U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald tried to kill by threatening its publisher Harper Collins with legal action.)