Iran panic: Israel is able to track and destroy enemy missiles that threaten her country.

Israel is able to track and destroy enemy missiles that threaten her country」

Israel has been exploring how it can best use the F-35 to defend itself. That means using its range and stealth to reach enemy launch sites.

The F-35 radar is the most advanced for fighter jets, according to F-35 developer Lockheed Martin. “It enables the F-35 to be capable of identifying and intercepting airborne threats flying at a low altitude and at high speeds,” a company spokesman said on December 18. That’s important considering the emerging threats Israel now faces from Iran and Iranian-backed groups such as Hezbollah which are seeking precision guidance for their rocket arsenal. Iran is accused of using cruise missiles to attack Saudi Arabia in September. The F-35’s radar can play a role in neutralizing these kinds of threats.



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