How Old Are Champions According to the Lore?

Tune in for a Lore Stream tomorrow! There was an accidental one day delay on this vid. I forgot to hit the release button :C MERCH: …


Most Beautiful Piano Music: "Above The Clouds" by Niklas Ahlstedt

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Image artist: 防人
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Poppy Tells Will a Secret About Rory – Single Parents

Will (Taran Killam) needs Rory’s birth certificate to verify his age for the upcoming 9-and-under soccer tournament. Poppy (Kimrie Lewis) tries to play it off until Will puts her on the spot, and she spills: Rory’s actually 10, even though he thinks he’s 9. From 『Sport,』 season 2, episode 5 of Single Parents. Watch Single Parents WEDNESDAY 9:30|8:30c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu.