Don't DIS my ABILITY 2012: Scott

NSW Don’t DIS my ABILITY ambassador, artist Scott Trevelyan talks about his unique art studio situated in NSW Northern Rivers and the value of art in the healing process of people with acquired brain injury.


Sage of Six Paths Naruto Ability Showcase | Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage

Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto has dropped in NxB as the next anniversary banner character! So how strong is this hype unit? Jutsu Description below.

His ultimate, Sage Art: Tailed Beast Rasen Shuriken, has Naruto send out multiple rasenshurikens in front of him, causing multiple explosions and decreasing impact and release resistance. It decreases all nature resistances at LvL 7.

His 4*, Sage Art: Lava Style Rasen Shuriken, has Naruto send out a projectile rasenshuriken that explodes and creates a damaging puddle. It inflicts damage over time [Effect: Medium].

His first 3*, Sage Art: Magnet Style Rasengan, has Naruto lunge forward, causing an multi-tick explosion and pulling in enemies hit, inflicting seal [Effect: Small].

His second 3*, Truth-Seeker Kick, has Naruto kick a truth-seeker orb forward, going past walls and doing damage. The jutsu is an iFrame going out, but not coming back in.

Overall Naruto is a strong character. He’s quite a skill intensive main and requires you to plan your engages thoroughly. A quick and easy combo would to make a puddle and pull an enemy in, and create another puddle. Some tankier characters may take two puddles to prepare before engaging. His basic attack also knocks up. On defense he’s quite scary, as the puddle and pull can create high damage burst scenarios like Kabuto. He has some chakra issues so it is best to get as much attack as possible from tools, and then use blue cards to get higher chakra. His orb kick is quite a useless jutsu, and is better to take the blue character default hop over it. It is also better to take it off for defense as it interrupts his lava pool combo. Naruto struggles on the narrow corridor tiles and open tiles, as it prevents him from setting up pools where you want to plan your engage.

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Chess Puzzles – Improve Your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

🧠 Get the complete chess course 「Puzzles 2.0」 and learn about the 4 different types of puzzles –

There are hundreds and hundreds of micro-strategies in chess and knowing them (knowledge) is extremely important. Dan Heisman has estimated that chess is 2/3 skills and abilities and 1/3 knowledge. 1/3 is still a pretty big chunk. If you get someone who has a lot of skills and abilities and they are developing really well and they never develop any knowledge, they are going to compete against strong players and grandmasters.

And vice versa – some people who just read a lot of chess books have terrible skills. They might not be good in analysis, evaluation, visualization, and so on. Having said that, knowledge is not going to help you very much if you don’t develop your skills.

That’s exactly why this course will be super-useful. Dan Heisman develops your chess knowledge by showing the 4 different types of puzzles and, by solving them, you develop your problem-solving skills, analytical skills, planning, and several other skills needed to become a strong chess player.

🧠 Get the complete chess course 「Puzzles 2.0」 and learn about the 4 different types of puzzles –

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