What Your Body Parts Say About Your True Character

Each of us has a unique set of DNA that gives us certain physical traits. But according to some scientists, things like your face shape, eye color, and fingers can say a lot about your personality. Genetics can determine a lot of things about our future and the way we perceive the world through our genes.

Here at Bright Side, we found some scientific studies about body parts that convey some interesting things about our personality. Some people say looks can be deceiving, but if you know the facts, then you’ll see that looks can reveal quite a lot about a person. Watch our new video to find out more!

Nose shape 0:52
Face shape 2:41
Eye color 3:31
Eye shape 5:36
Lips 6:36
Jawline 7:53
Hands 8:57
Finger length 9:48

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– People with long noses are really ambitious and hardworking. They’re usually perfectionists and tend to put their professional life ahead of their personal life.
– If you have a perfectly straight Greek nose, you’re probably intelligent, logical, and super reliable.
– As for those adorable button noses, they speak of a caring, loving, and optimistic nature. But these people can get pretty emotional at times.
– People with long faces are highly intelligent individuals. A narrow facial structure is a sign of a more emotional rather than intelligent individual. People with wide faces are emotionless and highly successful in life.
– People with brown eyes are natural-born leaders and highly intelligent individuals. Extremely dark brown eyes are a sign of an introverted, mysterious, and secretive nature.
– Blue eyes show a lot of inner strength and a very competitive nature. If the eye color is a darker shade of blue, this person possesses a lot of physical strength and is very sensitive.
– Grey eyes can be a sign of a well-balanced person. These individuals also care a lot about what other people think of them, and they work hard to be liked by everyone.
– People with green eyes can be agreeable and dominant like brown-eyed individuals, yet strong and cautious like those with blue eyes.
– Your lips show your emotional side and how you act in personal relationships.
– The study concluded that the more defined a person’s jawline is, the more intense their personality can be due to the high levels of testosterone.
– If your fingers seem far apart from each other, this means that you love exploring and having new experiences. As for fingers that are positioned close together, it shows a more cautious nature. But you’re probably really well-organized!
– The length of your fingers shows the levels of testosterone you were exposed to in the womb! It can also reveal a lot about your inner self.

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