Xbox Series X: Everything We Know About The Xbox Series X So Far

Curious about the Xbox Series X? Microsoft’s next gen console is coming later in 2020, so we decided that we’d run down everything you need to know about it, from Xbox Series X gameplay in games like Hellblade 2 and Halo Infinite to the Xbox Series X reveal trailer! In this video you’ll find information about the Xbox Series X specs and graphics, so whether you’re thinking of buying an Xbox Series X or are just curious about what’s under the hood, we have you covered.

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Unhinged Trump Rants About Brad Pitt

Trump railed against “little wise guy” Brad Pitt at a recent rally. Brett Erich, Jayar Jackson, and Jason Carter, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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“During Thursday’s campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado, President Donald Trump criticized the Oscar-winning Korean film Parasite and took aim at fellow award winner Brad Pitt during a speech that targeted recent events in pop culture.

Speaking at the podium in front of his supporters, Trump asked, 「How bad were the Academy Awards this year?」 He went on to say, 「And the winner is… a movie from South Korea! What the hell was that all that about? We’ve got enough problems with South Korea, with trade. On top of that, they give them the best movie of the year. Was it good? I don’t know. Let’s get Gone With the Wind back, please? Sunset Boulevard. So many great movies.」

Hosts: Brett Erich, Jayar Jackson, Jason Carter

Cast: Brett Erich, Jayar Jackson, Jason Carter


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We keep learning new life-hacks every day through difficult situations. So, in this video, I show you my most helpful ones you’ve never seen before.
When eating sushi and you want to dip your roll in some soy sauce, always hold it with your chopstick’s upside down – this will prevent the rice from falling in the sauce.
Instead of applying butter on your toast with a knife, simply grate it on top instead. It will distribute there even better and it will melt right away.
To get the most out of your avocado when putting in your salad. Don’t cut it in tubes, instead, cut it diagonally. This way you’ll also get more pieces.
You can use an old tissue box, dress it up with some colorful wrapping paper and then place plastic disposable bags inside to keep them organized. Every time you go shopping you can then pull one out and voila.
Another great organization hack is to take old cereal containers and use them to organize your drawers.
For those times that you need a pillow but can’t find one, I show you how to create your own by folding a thick bedding.
Another great lifehack is to run some plastic straws through a sharpener in order to organize your office cables.

0:32 – Genius butter trick
2:10 – How to organize your ladles
3:58 – How to organize your spices
6:03 – Amazing cable organizer idea
7:46 – How to organize your necklaces – DIY jewelry holder
8:55 – How to fold your extra-large shopping bags
10:39 – Quick fix for broken glasses
12:43 – DIY phone holder for your charger
13:28 – How to fix burned toast

#fixes #lifehacks #organization

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BLOXBURG UPDATE 0.8.5!!! + my lobster was able to get placed on the stairs

-3- hii viewers o3o
today i will be sharing bloxburg update 0.8.5


Insta: lpnutter

teepsringsL coming soon

proife `d’cest


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