I Found Out About My Sister’s Affair

I Found Out About My Sister’s Affair
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Hey, my name’s Chrissy and I found out about my sister Bianca’s dirty secret. Growing up me and my sister argued a lot. At 17, she’s only a year older than me but she likes to act like this makes her far more mature…she’s not!

She makes fun of my frizzy hair, takes my clothes without asking and plays loud music when she knows I’m trying to study. She can be incredibly annoying, but she can also be pretty awesome. When my first boyfriend broke up with me she bought me my favorite candy, hugged me and told me that 「he was a loser anyway.」

Everything was going great, my mom had a new promotion at work, dad’s carpentry business was doing well and I was getting good grades at school. As for Bianca, well, Bianca was just being Bianca. She was always out somewhere with her friends and it was rare to see her without her phone in her hand. I didn’t think much of this because she’s always been a social butterfly and she gets fidgety if she’s stuck in the house for too long. One time she did totally freak out when she put her phone down on the table to eat her dinner and I lunged forward and grabbed it. Dad made me give it back before I had a chance to read any of her messages.

Later that evening she barged into my room and told me that if I ever took her phone again she would rip up all my clothes. Typical Bianca, she was such a drama queen!

The next morning when I left for school, I saw Bianca talking to our neighbor Paul. I was about to shout over to her when I saw him stroke her hair. Okay, so that was weird. He was at least 40 and he was married with 3 kids, so why was he stroking my sister’s hair? When Bianca looked over and saw me staring she immediately moved his hand away…



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