Above The Rim NBA Podcast – Washed Who

This episode I’m joined by friends of the show Damo & Reem (@LetTalkSportsTv).
Twitter tried to tell yall Cp3 & Melo are “washed” bc of age, it’s about that time to shut that up.

The fellas and I discussed plenty of topics this ep including:
-Cp3 & Melo’s redemption season.

These two have been exceeding expectations this year and most definitely heard the disrespect over the summer. We talk about how their season has transpired & how far they can go. Cp3 came into my backyard in Brooklyn and showed out in a big W while Melo was up North hitting game winners.

What a time… Who’s washed though?

-Is Mike Conley the most disappointing player this season?

His numbers are down all across the board and the Jazz look very mediocre with him in the lineup but without him they have looked great. It’s time we start looking at Conley

-Could Phoenix actually make the playoffs with this young core or is it another failed season?

The Suns are as close to playoff contention as they have been in six years, so will they go all out via trade for a playoff run?

-Will the Raptors finish with a better record than the Clippers? What does this say about Kawhi if they do?




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