Luenell on 15 Women Accusing Cuba Gooding Jr of Groping: What About the 40 that Liked It? (Part 8)

Part 7:
Part 1:
In this VladTV exclusive, Luenell spoke on the allegations against Cuba Gooding Jr., and noted that it’s no secret in Hollywood that Cuba loves the ladies and also likes to drink. She noted that if he is out here doing what people are alleging, then he needs to be checked. But she also spoke on the unchecked instances from the actor.

Vlad and Luenell then discussed the photo of Cuba Gooding Jr. with a KFC bucket on his head. From there, Luenell discussed the two men who made allegations against Michael Jackson and were the center of ‘Leaving Neverland,’ and talked about how they are getting a new trial due to statute of limitations. Luenell said the new trial is a money grab and questioned if the alleged victims will be donating to victims of sexual molestation.



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